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Brave Enough to Care 2

In our second video we teach you the importance of Mulch and we make Fermented Rockets pesto

Posted on 31.01.2022
Author Katarina Kostić

In our second video we teach you the importance of Mulch and we make Fermented Rockets pesto

Fermented Rockets (weeds) pesto

Today we are going to prepare fermented rockets pesto.

We are going to eat weeds because weeds are gourmet and medicinal foods and like with any other foods, we ferment them to enhance their nutritional and medicinal value and to prolong their shelf life.

You will need:

100 gr of Rockets, that we’ve planted next month. Or any other seasonal green leaf veggies.. Like kales, beets, beetroot leave

30 gr of Walnuts



One spoon of Virgin olive oil

Small jar with lid

One spoon of ginger beer that we teach you to make in the first episode of our Brave enough to care videos.

Cut the veggies into small pieces.

Put them inside your kitchen robot together with walnuts and process them until smooth. Add a bit of water if it is too dry.

Once smooth, add salt to taste, olive oil, and one spoon of liquid from some previous fermentation: sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir… you can use ginger beer we made last month. But just one spoon. It's to add healthy and diverse microbial culture to our new ferment and make it slightly faster to make.

Transfer pesto into the jar and close it. Leave on the kitchen counter to ferment for 2-3 days. Fermentation time depends on the temperature. If it’s warm, it takes less time.

Try every day until tastes become more acidic and profound. Store in the fridge for a month. Treat it as pesto :)) use it everywhere: as a salad dressing, with fried potatoes, on your pizza, in your sandwiches, as a condiment, as a pasta sauce… it's so versatile.

You can use any other edible weeds that are in season now: nettles, chickweed, mustard… kale, cabbages… The process is the same.

If you don't fancy walnuts, use any other kind of nuts. Experiment.

And please share with us your recipes. <3

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