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Why are we saying our Ginger Probiotic Shots are a climate solution?

The most delicious, engaging, useful and funny climate solutions you’ll stumble upon

Posted on 17.02.2022
Author Katarina Kostić

We make our Ginger Probiotic Shots to offer a product that is healthy, sustainably sourced, vegan, made by the highest ethical standards, and, as we say in FROOF - with 100% pure love.

Ginger Probiotic Shots are suitable for everyone including kids

Have you heard that 15 out of 23 monkeys with Elon Musk's Neuralink implants have died and that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is now saying that the poor animals were subjected to "extreme suffering" during the trials? Do we agree this is animal cruelty and human centricity at its most monstrous and not sustainable development and climate solutions?

At this moment, there are so many tech and nature-based solutions around us to choose that are loving, caring, sharing.. We are all pieces of this giant, planetary puzzle and we are all equally valuable, independently of the species. We all come with our solutions and our superpowers to offer. Our problems are global, but their repercussions are almost always individual and very personal. The task in front of us is terrifyingly big, I know, but do we really need to torture monkeys to have some sort of future?

In this article, I don’t want to spend time on disastrous and shameful, ethically delusional experiments. I want to talk about a real, efficient, and nice climate solution that we can all apply today. This article is about our Ginger Probiotic Shots that we are so proud of.

We are all in this together and we should care and love more. That's so FROOF.

That’s why we keep repeating that being Brave Enough To Care is a key to our climate riddle. Because to really tackle climate change, stop any future pandemics, and halt mass extinctions we need allies, not laboratory subjects.

We are animals too. Animals, like all other multicellular organisms, consist of cells of many different species. We are as much microbes as we are humans. Our bodies are alive with bacteria, bacteria that have been with us from the moment we were born. For every cell in our bodies, there are ten indigenous bacteria: the body is made up of about 10 trillion cells, but the bacteria there number more than 100 trillion. Our bodies are hosts to thousands of species of these bacteria, giving them a home, an environment in which to thrive. At the same time, we are completely dependent on bacteria to sustain essential processes, in particular those of the digestive and immune systems. We are, in effect, codependent species. Bacteria are found outside and inside our bodies. An armpit ecosystem can be as different from a foot’s, as a tropical jungle is from a Mediterranean forest, but 80 percent of them live in the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the large intestine.

But there is a problem there. One of the biggest extinctions happening right now is one we know less about. It's spreading silently inside of our own bodies. We are losing our own bacteria.

Studies show that the two main differences between our modern, Western lifestyle and that of our hunter-gatherer ancestors are diet and physical activity, pointing out that one of the main problems are processed foods that are starving our microbiota. While products made using traditional fermentation methods (like our Ginger Probiotic Shots) contain a wide variety of bacteria, some other commercial products contain almost none because they are pasteurised to ensure safety and long shelf life. So if you want to try fermented foods to improve your health, it's best to look for products that have been made using traditional preparation and processing.

One of the easiest ways to increase the number of beneficial microbes in our diet by up to 10,000-fold is by consuming unpasteurized, fermented foods on a daily basis. This practice is proven to be tantamount to introducing new microbes to gut microbiota that are vital for our nutrition, metabolism, resistance to pathogens, and immune function. Well, that for me is a climate solution!

Ginger Probiotic Shot is antiviral, anti-allergenic and improves your energy and brain function

We make our Ginger Probiotic Shots to offer a product that is healthy, sustainably sourced, vegan, made by the highest ethical standards, and, as we say in FROOF - with 100% pure love.

We use traditional fermentation methods to produce our Ginger Probiotic, don't add industrial bacterial strains at any point and we absolutely don’t rely on high-pressure pasteurisation to add shelf life to our product because we know all these practices actually kill microbes and strip the product of all previous benefits.

This means that our Ginger probiotic Shots always arrive fresh, at their full potential, and with 1.2 billion live and healthy bacteria ready to help you raise your defenses and give you lots of energy every day.

Our Ginger Probiotic Shot is antiviral, anti-allergenic and improves your energy and brain function, and contains:

- Vitamins B6, B12 C, F, K, and K2

- Copper

- Manganese

- Magnesium

- Dietary fibers.

Plus, it's the only sugar-free probiotic energy drink on the market:

- No sugar (disintegrates in the natural fermentation process)

- Without gluten

- Without alcohol

- Without theine

- Without caffeine

- Without lactose.

It's the most delicious climate solution, suitable for everyone including kids!

*The recommended daily dose is 60 ml that provides only 1.8 kcal.

We wanted to go one step further and offer Ginger Probiotic Shots to all. You can always buy them from our online shop:

We are here for you so you can make them yourself.

We support a proactive approach, we actually love it. Being makers and not consumers is one of our pillars. That’s why we offer a free online fermentation course every month where we explore the human microbiome, get to know new people and new projects, and ferment and take care of our microbes together. I´ve told you, Ginger Probiotic Shots are one of the most delicious, engaging, useful, and funny climate solutions you’ll stumble upon. Cheers!

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